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At Press Massage, we don’t just offer relaxing massages, we provide an immersive experience that nurtures and soothes.


30min $55 | 60min $100 | 90min $150

Daily life can take a toll on all of us. Our muscles tense up, and sometimes we don’t even realise how much tension we’re carrying. With a PRESS Relax massage, you can tackle this issue and start each day feeling calmer and more inspired. A certified masseuse will target the areas of your body that are most affected by stress, helping loosen and soothe tense muscles. Relax, release endorphins and get ready to feel better.


30min $55 | 60min $100 | 90min $150

Our bodies deserve to be looked after. Our PRESS Body service offers a full-body deep tissue massage that can help with any discomfort issues and rejuvenate your body so you feel energised and rejuvenated. This technique involves prolonged pressure using slow and deep strokes, which targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It can help with tension and with muscle damage from injuries as well.


30min $55 | 60min $100 | 90min $150

Sometimes you don’t need a full-body massage, just help in one area that is giving you problems. Whether it’s tennis elbow or arthritis, a herniated disc or a pinched nerve, our massage therapists can work on this area, alleviating any strain and discomfort, so you feel as good as new. Simply tell us about what area that is bothering you, and we’ll use our expertise to reduce discomfort, ease the pain and free-up muscles.

PRESS Sports

30min $55 | 60min $100 | 90min $150

Sport is great fun, but sometimes injuries happen. Our team is skilled in deep tissue sports massage, aiding healing, easing discomfort and ensuring you return to healthy mobility as soon as possible. We work to promote faster recovery alongside any pain relief and rest, and can also aid in preparation for a sporting event such as a marathon. Our certified massage therapist can work alongside you to complement your training programme.

PRESS Pregnancy

30min $55 | 60min $100 | 90min $150

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but sometimes your soon-to-be bundle of joy can cause discomfort. We want you to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible, so we offer pregnancy massages tailored to your individual needs. Our certified pregnancy remedial massage therapists will help you ease any extra stress and tension that your body is experiencing, as well as offering that little indulgence you deserve. Fully trained and experienced, you’re safe in our hands.

Less stress, better health

We offer a range of services tailored to your needs, and our relaxation massage in Sydney is designed to soothe away those everyday stresses, enhance your wellbeing and offer a little indulgence for you to enjoy.
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Looking for a podiatry appointment?

We also offer podiatry appointments, which you can attend either before or after your massage with us. If you are interested in this service, please call our clinic at 02 8096 4763.
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