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Step inside and sink into a sea of relaxation. At Press Massage, we believe that your health and wellbeing come first, curating a menu of therapeutic and relaxation massage in Sydney to treat body, mind and soul.

Sooth and stretch tired muscles, alleviate stress and aid recovery with a selection of clinical massages from our certified massage therapists. From full-body deep tissue massage to prenatal and sports massages, we can tailor our treatments to suit you, whether you want to simply relax or to focus on one specific area. At Press Massage, you’ll walk in and float out.

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Had a stressful day and need to release the tension? Opt for a full relaxation massage in Sydney that will ease your mind, body, and soul, while also looking after all aspects of your health.



Your body is a temple, so it needs to be looked after. We offer a full-body deep tissue massage that will loosen any tight muscles and help you face the day with confidence.



Is there an area that needs special attention? Our certified massage therapists are trained to treat all areas of the body, so you can find the relief you have been looking for.

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The beauty of therapeutic massage

Not only does clinical massage therapy offer a long-lasting relaxation experience, it also brings mental and physical benefits that enhance your lifestyle. Often, therapeutic massage is recommended by a doctor to assist in injury, illness, or simply to help you relax and de-stress. Whether you are looking to overcome a sports injury, enjoy a soothing experience, relax tight muscles or take care of yourself during pregnancy, our therapeutic massages will do the job. An experienced masseuse performs each massage, and we take all precautions to protect your health.

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There is a lot about clinical and new relaxation massage techniques that you may not know, but we have you covered. We’ve answered all your frequently asked questions, so you have all the information you need before you get started.
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Your wellness comes first

Our certified therapists will listen to your needs and prescribe the massage that will most benefit you. From deep relaxation to easing discomfort and injury, we welcome you into a haven of calm and healing.

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